Sunday, July 21, 2013

Technique: Upcycled Cards

Upcycled Letter Press Hand Stamped Thank You Note Card - Pale Green and Grey/Gray with Orange/Red Octopus, Ocean, MarineUpcycled LetterPress Hand Stamped Thank You Note Card - Melon Orange and Deep Brown/Black with Birds, Branches, LeavesI love the term "upcycling". Like, not only are we giving an old old object a second chance, but this chance is BETTER. Karmic upgrade. The term also seems to get a lot of hits on Etsy, and my upcycled cards, like these (from an old calendar), have gotten rave reviews.  

So how are other Etsy card artisans upcycling? 
Here are a few designs I simply adore...

Blank card set: upcycled cards - heart, tree and balloons blank greeting cards for all occasions, eco friendly, made in UK

These cards were crafted by PinkFlamingoCrafting from old sheet music, maps, book pages, and crossword puzzles. 

Curious George Cards, Upcycled from Vintage Book, Set of Three

This set of cards, created by SimplySweetNothings, was upcycled from old Curious George books: I love the scenes added into the envelope backs! So cute!

Friendship Card - Thank You Card - Queen Theme - Postage Stamp Art - Collage Art - Queen Stamps

And this lovely collaged crown, designed by JaneKoopman, is made from a set or authentic (and international!) stamps. Love the colors and theme! 

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  1. Thanks for featuring my cards! I love to upcycle as it seems such a waste to through out, well, anything! (some people call me a 'hoarder' but I prefer 'rescuer'). I love the other ideas too.